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What is Cardiac Rehabilitation and Why Is It Important?

As a family caregiver, it is your responsibility not just to address the health problems that your parent is currently dealing with, but also to help them prevent further health challenges. If you’re aging loved one has recently suffered a heart attack, one recommendation that they may have received is to undergo cardiac rehabilitation. By understanding what this is and the importance of it as an element of your parents’ recovery and prevention of future heart attacks, you can help you or a loved one to make a decision that is right for them, and to support them through this step.

Caregiver in Johns Creek GA
Caregiver in Johns Creek GA

Cardiac rehabilitation is sometimes referred to as cardiac rehab. This is a program that is directly supervised by a medical team and designed to help improve and support better cardiovascular health. This type of program is often recommended for those who have suffered a heart attack or heart failure, as well as those who have undergone heart surgery. There are three basic elements of a cardiac rehabilitation program. These elements are educating your aging loved one about the steps that they can take to improve their heart health and live a heart-healthy lifestyle, counseling to help reduce stress, and helping your parents to understand heart-healthy exercise and encouraging them to stay more physically active.

This type of program is important not just because it helps to make your parents heart stronger after they have suffered a heart attack or undergone heart surgery. Rehabilitation is also about helping your parent to understand their heart and the impact that their lifestyle and decisions can make on its health moving forward. Participating in cardiac rehabilitation is an important step in empowering your parent to take control of their health and guard it for the future, reducing the risk that they will suffer another heart attack or other serious cardiovascular health problem. Talk to your seniors’ doctor to determine if cardiac rehabilitation is right for them and get recommendations for how to get started, as well as how you can be an active and meaningful participant in your parent’s program.

Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult can be very stressful and make you feel as though you are constantly trying to finish a to-do list that won’t stop growing. If you are feeling overwhelmed, as though you are not giving your aging parent the care that they deserve like you have limitations that keep you from fulfilling care tasks in the appropriate way, or that your parent would simply benefit from additional care and support, home care can help. You do not have to do it all when you agree to be your parent’s caregiver. Being a caregiver means taking the steps to give your loved one what they need to manage their needs and make the most of their later years, and starting home care for them can accomplish this. This care provider can step in to fill care gaps, offer companionship, and enrich your parent’s life while ensuring that you continue to support and care for them in all of the ways that are right for both of you.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring a Caregiver in Johns Creek GA, please contact the caring staff at Sustained Hope Home Care today. Call us at 1-866-4.1.TO.CARE (1-866-418-6227).


About Sai Kumar, Founder, CEO

Dr. Kumar, our Founder-CEO, is a seasoned expert with passion and commitment to providing the best care for you. Because of his firsthand experience in caring for a stroke-disabled family member, Dr. Kumar appreciates what families go through and has dedicated his time and efforts to positively influence you and your family through Sustained Hope’s distinguished services. He has spent over 15 years in the health care industry and has the required knowledge and experience in brain and heart trauma diagnostics and posttraumatic care. He is a member many trauma-related professional organizations including National Neurotrauma Society, Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists, International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies, and International Critical Stress Foundation. Dr. Kumar is also nationally networked with leading trauma physicians and researchers. All of this means that you can expect the best integrated care for you. For more info, see:
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